The Commitment

Desert Marigold is a charter school inspired by Waldorf education. In making DMS your school of choice, it is important to understand not only the curriculum, but also the mutual commitment that is required. A strong partnership between parents and teachers is essential for students to achieve their best.

DMS is committed to providing your child a rich and comprehensive curriculum that goes well beyond academics. We have not cut the “frills” of the arts because we understand how they stimulate the natural creativity and curiosity of each student.   In effect, we try to do more, with less. In order for the school to maintain this broad curriculum, there must be support in the form of volunteer efforts and financial contributions from parents.

The parental commitment needed is detailed in the Parental Engagement Agreement. In outline, the three elements of that commitment are:

o Taking an active part in your child’s education journey

Continue to learn about the curriculum
Act in harmony with the stages of development upon which the curriculum is based
Stay in contact with teachers

o Contributing to the creation of community

Participate in community events and festivals

o Providing financial support to the best of your ability

Stay current in all fees and charges
Participate in the AZ Educational Tax Credit program
Support DMS fund raising efforts 

If you have additional questions about our school or the admissions process, please email the Enrollment Director. Thank you for your interest in Desert Marigold School.