Agricultural Curriculum Call for Volunteers

by adminprod on August 17, 2012

Come out and support the agricultural curriculum group.  The group is currently looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • 2-3 Parents for 3rd grade Thursday 11-12
  • 2-3 Parents for 4th grade Tuesday 11-12
  • 1-2 Parents for 5th grade Wednesday 11-12
  • 1-2 Parents for 6th grade Tuesday 9-10 and 1-2 parents Tuesday 9:50- 10:45 (could be the same parent that stayed for the full time or parents could split the time)
  • 8th grade and 7th grade I think we are good on.
  • Starting in the spring 1-2 parents for 1st grade Mondays from 11-12.

Other projects where volunteers are needed include:

We need the Dye bed and the picking garden areas prepared.  Tilling soil, pulling weeds, amending beds, etc.  The pulling garden is the raised boxes over by handwork.

We will need general help making sure things are watered around campus (like the 2nd grade pumpkins) and weeding of the beds.  The weeding of the beds could just be volunteers that pick a bed and agree to walk through every day and look for amaranth and purslane.

There is also work to be done with the alfalfa fields as well as the 5th grade greenhouse.

For more information please contact Meghan Olesen or Bobi Harshfield


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