Agriculture Education Update for Sept 21st

by adminprod on September 21, 2012

This week in Ag Ed we braved the slightly warmer temperatures and got our hands dirty!

Second Grade worked hard preparing their plots for both their tasting garden and the dye garden they will be planting for hand works.  It was amazing watching the class work together to clear out grass and weeds… as well as fun to watch the class experiment with the different types of tools that we used.  Shovels, rakes, hand trowels and hand forks… Tools are fun!  Next week we will be hopefully setting up our straw bale beds and working to get our planting grounds up and running!

The third grade worked their bed in the main garden, pulling out crop cover (which was fed to the chickens) and planting cabbage (both red and green), lettuce and spinach.  We discovered something amazing in the soil from last week… Broccoli sprouts!

Fourth grade took a tour of the animals.  We talked about respect of our DMS flock and how to act around animals so that we can observe and interact with them, without causing stress to our animals.  This year these students will be raising baby chicks, and this was the first introduction to handling this responsibility.  We encourage all parents to talk with their child about treating even the smallest creature with kindness and respect.

The fifth grade planted butternut squash, swiss chard and carrots in the class beds.  Along with direct seed planting, the students also started seedlings for their greenhouse.  They planted five kinds of tomatoes, red onions and multiple herbs.  Next week we will be planting more seedlings and a few more treasures in the class bed.

Sixth Grade went over the new chicken chore list, picked up fallen pears (which were fed to our fine feathered friends) and mucked out the coop.  They weeded their bed in the garden and planted a pea and wheat cover crop over the part of the bed not planted yet.  The carrots and radishes that were planted in the past few weeks are starting to sprout!  We will be companion planting  lettuce with these crops next week!

The Seventh Grade has been working on trouble shooting water issues and designing a planting schedules.  They also made the first rotation of their new composting system.  The class is eager awaiting their first batch of fresh compost!

The Eight Grade continued work on their second bed in the garden and planted more seeds in preparation for their booth at the Phoenix Downtown Market.

Many classes were able to stake their claim to the garden by installing a wood grade marker which was constructed and hand painted by Bobi Harshfield.

The Agriculture Education team would like to thank all students, teachers and volunteers that make this program possible!  If you are interested in working with your grade.  Please contact Meghan Olesen or Bobi Harshfield

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