The Michaelmas Mood

by Charlie Burkam on September 28, 2012

The Michaelmas Mood

Tomorrow, September 29th is Michaelmas, which falls roughly a month after the autumn equinox. We opened school today with a Michaelmas assembly to set the mood for the Michaelmas season which starts tomorrow.

After stirring music from the Desert Winds of grades 6 through 8, Grades 1 through 4 performed the Michaelmas play with great enthusiasm. I will not spoil the ending for those who did not have a chance to attend, but it does involve a dragon.

Michaelmas is a time where we look at the relationship of man to the earth and the starring heavens above. The element associated with Michaelmas is meteoric iron, which comes down from the stars. Iron is what fortifies us—whether that be in the form of steel in a sword or the iron in our blood that strengthens each of us in our search to conquer our inner dragons and become truly ourselves.

Rudolf Steiner wrote a verse for Michaelmas to help set that mood:

Nature! Your soul of motherhood
I bear within the being of my will;
And this will’s fiery might
Steels my Spirit’s Impulses,
That self-awareness they beget,
To bear my Self in me.

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