Agriculture Education update for Sept 28th

by adminprod on September 28, 2012

This week in the DMS Agriculture Curriculum we were busy little bees!

The second grade worked together to set out their straw bales that they will be transforming into raised beds in the coming weeks.  They had to work together to smooth the land and move bales that are almost 100 pound each!  Soon there will be a beautiful picking and dye garden for all to share.

The third grade got down and dirty with math!  The whole class took a trip to the large plot field where they will be working with the second grade to plant wheat.  We measured the length and the width of the field and then multiplied our discoveries to find the square footage of the field.  Did you know that we will be planting 4,680 square feet of wheat?

The fourth grade planted more seeds and cleaned out some of their bed.  They planted winter squash in between the beans we planted a few weeks ago.  If you haven’t been to see our bed you should… we have plants growing.  While pulling out some of the crop cover, we discovered that we have dill and cilantro growing among our greens.  We had fun smelling plants to identify them.. and then eating them!

In the fifth grade we split into groups.  One group went to the garden to clean out some bed space and identify harmful pests in the garden.  We talked about organic ways to control these pests and had fun playing hide and seek with these natural plant predators.  We then took our garden scraps to the chicken coop and spent some time with our fine feathered ladies.  We hand fed and held the chickens and had a good time talking about what makes a chicken a chicken… hint: Dinosaurs.  The other half of the class worked to make more planting pots and continue to plant our herb seedlings.  The class has been working hard to make sure our seedlings get watered everyday!  We can’t wait to share the fruits of our labor with the rest of the school!

The sixth grade continued planting in their beds and caring for the chicken coop.

Seventh grade continued with their garden plots, trouble-shooting some water issues and turning the compost once more.

The eighth grade also continued work on their market beds, planting carrot and kale.  They now have a three week rotation in the ground!  Take a walk by the eighth grade beds and be on the lookout for baby carrot sprouts!

The weather is getting cooler and the students are really enjoying their time in the garden.  Soon we will have crops to pull and eat!  If you are interested in experiencing the joys of helping students to discover nature please contact Meghan at or Bobi at

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