Garden Update for Sept 28th

by adminprod on September 28, 2012

Being in the garden can mean many things to many people. In our day and age we have become increasingly disassociated from nature and its importance to our lives. Our garden is a gift and a special place that can help us all reconnect to the earth and how it truly supports our lives. In the coming weeks you will have the opportunity to see what many of your fellow parents have experienced being and working in our garden. Each week, look for a link to connect you to a video featuring one of these many parents who are currently volunteering in your garden. These are very personal insights into the deep effect the experience of gardening can have and what keeps them coming back for more. Should you be moved by what you hear and see in these videos and want to experience it for yourself, the garden is here for you. Come meet with Farmer Tony, Monday through Saturday, in the mornings for a reconnection to your true roots!

This week’s featured garden volunteer is Hector Bonilla, husband to our new Spanish teacher Ms O’Connell. Hector is from Mexico so you have the choice of hearing him speak in both English and Spanish…enjoy.



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