Garden Update November 2nd

by admin on November 2, 2012

Green beans will be added this week to the after school market,  a delicious pole bean named “Rattlesnake” is now producing and will be coming your way on Friday’s.  The Agricultural plots were given a face lift with some rotor tilling in preparation for planting wheat.  Two other plots will be sowed with a cover crop.  The orchard has a new pathway at its foot.  Lance Youngclaus and Greg Hayes worked long and hard on Saturday to cover the Bermuda grass with several protective layers to “weed” it out.  The result is a “cushy” woodchiped walkway leading to the soccer field.

This week I am featuring the Malleck brothers, both interning from local colleges. Collin Malleck: and Ryan Malleck:, click on each to find out what brings them to our garden time and time again.

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