Tax credits, what are they? what are they used for? how can I participate?

by admin on November 9, 2012

It’s Tax Credit Season!

Our goal:  $40,000 by December 31

Thank you to everyone who has already participated in the Arizona Tax Credit program this year.  There is simply no better way to provide financial support to Desert Marigold School than to make sure that Arizona taxes you owe anyway get directed straight to our school.  Haven’t done your tax credit yet?  Don’t worry – there’s still time.  2012 contributions can be made any time between now and December 31.  Need more info?  Click here for a complete description of the tax credit program.


Percentage of DMS families who participated in the tax credit program in 2011: 30%.

Percentage of DMS staff members who participated in the tax credit program in 2011: 50%.

Percentage of DMS board members who participated in the tax credit program in 2011: 100%

Let’s work together to make 2012 DMS’ most successful tax credit year ever!



(blurb for ‘Need more info?’ link  – it’s similar to what’s on the website already by has some important clarifications)

Desert Marigold School needs your 2012 Tax Credit Contribution!

What is the Arizona Tax Credit Program?

Every year, Arizona tax payers can elect to direct their tax dollars to the public school of their choice for extracurricular activities and character education.  Single taxpayers can direct up to $200 and married couples filing jointly can direct up to $400.  This is NOT a donation program.  Taxes you owe anyway simply go straight to our school.  This means you can give a contribution to Desert Marigold and take that contribution directly off your tax liability dollar for dollar.  There is NO cost to you.  In addition to supporting public charter schools like Desert Marigold, you can also direct your tax dollars to private schools and organizations that support the working poor (you can contribute to all three).

How does it work?

Simply write a check to Desert Marigold School or make a contribution online at no later than December 31, 2012. You will get a receipt and you still file your taxes normally.

How  much can I contribute?

Any amount is appreciated.  We encourage anyone with the sufficient tax liability to contribute the full amount allowable – $200 for taxpayers filing singly and $400 for married couples filing jointly.

Why should I do this?

Directing your tax dollars to Desert Marigold  School supports Waldorf education in many important ways.  These include:

  • ·         Helping to fund extracurricular activities like Circus Club and Volleyball.
  • ·         Helping to fund teacher salaries through our integrated character education program.
  • ·         Helping to fund character building events like the Greek and Medieval Games
  • ·         Helping to fund educational outings that take place outside of the regular school day (with the exception of the senior class trip)

What exactly can I claim as a tax credit on my Arizona State taxes?

The typical tax credit is a cash contribution directed toward extra-curricular activities or in-school character building programs.  In addition, fees paid for participation in after-school programs or for educational outings outside the regular school day can be claimed as a tax credit.

Where can I find out more?

Go to and look for the Tax Credit link.  All the information is there and you can do your tax credit online.  Or you can download a form and mail it with your payment instructions to: Desert Marigold School, 6210 S. 28th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85042.  You can also call the school office at 602-243-6909 or email Development Director Amy Bird at

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