Speech in the Waldorf Curriculum

by admin on November 9, 2012

An Evening with Kim Snyder-Vine

Tuesday, November 13th

6:30 PM in the Eurythmy Room

Come experience the power of Speech!  We share our intentions through our speaking.  Speech Formation as practiced by Ms. Snyder-Vine can help to strengthen the will to accomplish those intentions.  Rudolf Steiner stated that properly formed Speech was vital for the healthy development of a child.

Kim will be working with Preschool through 10th Grade during her four weeks here.  On Wednesday evening, she will share some of what your children will be doing.  There will be time for quesitons and conversation.  Don’t miss this opportunity!

Kim Snyder-Vine holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Arizona, Tucson, Az., 1975; an Orientation Certificate in Anthroposophical Studies, from the Waldorf Institute of Mercy College, Detroit, Mi., 1977; and a full, Four-Year Goetheanum Diploma from the London School of Speech Formation, London, U.K., 1983.

She has been teaching, performing and consulting in creative speech, drama, and hygienic speech, for children and adults, in Waldorf and Waldorf-Inspired, Charter Schools, Waldorf Teacher Training Institutes, artistic training centers, as well as private and public venues, worldwide, since 1983.


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