Agriculture Curriculum Nov 16

by admin on November 16, 2012

The past few weeks have been pretty slow in the garden as we have been waiting for sprouts to show their faces, but there was some excitement!

On Friday the 9th Second and Third Grade planted their wheat field. Both classes were excellent seed sowers and the field was planted without a hitch. Many Thanks to Tony, Amy, Whitney, Bobi and Meghan for their help in getting the field organized and planted.

The Fourth Grade has been working hard maintaining their bed and harvesting things like beans, dill and cilantro. There were also some surprises in the mix, some carrots and radishes that made it in with the crop cover from the summer. It is always fun have a little scavenger hunt while weeding out a bed! Many thanks to Barb for all her help with the Fourth Grade class!

Fifth grade has been working to grow their seedlings, maintain their bed and this week they helped do a little weed maintenance on the baby alfalfa that was planted a few months ago. We even brought a few hens to the field to help! Next week we will be completing the enclosure of the green house and building protecting in the garden for the baby tomato sprouts that are ready to be planted. Thank you to Amy Weibel for her help with the Fifth Grade Class.

Sixth grade has begun work on infrastructure for a new composting system for the community compost. They also have built and installed gopher cages in their beds and planted three new kinds of carrots. Next week they will also be building a water diverter for plot #4 to help protect the baby wheat sprouts that will be coming. Many thanks to the Sixth Grade for all their handy skills!

Third Grade has been working to maintain their bed, learn about other plants, insects and animals that live in the garden. This week they went to check the wheat field and observed the ants (that are stealing seed from the field), lost two shoes in the mud and treated the chickens to some greens. Many thanks to Julie and Amy for their assistance with the Third Grade class.

Seventh and Eighth grade have been working had maintaining their plots and harvesting produce from the garden for the weekly market stand. Congratulations to Seventh and Eighth grade for their new role in the garden! Also many, many thanks to Tammy and Bonnie for ALL of their hard work with these classes.

The next alfalfa field cutting day will be Saturday November 24th at 10am. What a great way to work off the extra calories from Thanksgiving and provide an amazing service to our animals and our school! Not sure that you have what it takes to work the scythe? We also need help moving the cut alfalfa to the drying racks as well (and that only requires a rake). If you are interested in volunteering for Scything Day! Please see Bobi or Meghan for the details.

Thank you to everyone for all of their support with the Agriculture Curriculum, especially all the teaching staff that is so helpful and patient with us. If you are interested in working with you class please let Bobi or Meghan know.

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