Parent Council Meeting Minutes Nov 1st

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Desert Marigold

A Waldorf Methods Charter School

~Parent Council Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November1, 2012

Opening/Closing Verse:
The healing social life is found, when in the mirror of each human soul
The whole community finds its reflection and when in the community
The virtue of each one is living.

-­ 16  in attendance

Welcome/Opening Verse/Opening Comments-­7:03pm
-Halloween Carnival was great.  Thanks for participation.
-Fresh & Easy Night was slow.  Thanks to those who volunteered.

Administrative Report- Danielle Martinez
Now that sewer is done they are working on beautification of grounds.
Eurythmy room needs to be painted.  Humble Hive is looking for additional volunteers in the community who know the lazure painting technique. To be scheduled over Winter Break

Financial Report- $2114.57 in Parent Council funds.  We still owe $2000 on the shade structure. Final payment will be from Winter Faire profits.  Voting in December on usage of excess funds

Board Report – Jill
Working on the long range plan for the next 5 years.  The second long range plan has come to completion. Working groups on now being formed to implement the next set.   The plan is broken up into 4 sections with members and an advisory group to represent each section: Body & Spirit; Heart & Mind; Home & Hearth;Ways & Means.  Please consider your children and the future of DMS by developing goals, voicing your ideas, shaping our school, and bringing our communtiy together by joining one of these groups.  Now is the opportunity to be actively involved and see additional progress to completion in the upcoming 5 years.  The working groups, made up mainly of the Board, are creating a blueprint for DMS.  This long range plan will start with the 2013 school year.
The Board meets the third Wednesday of every month except in November it will meet on November 14th.

Tax Credit Program-Amy Bird
We are trying to break $20,000 in funds from the AZ tax credit program.  Looking for ways to help increase participation.   As long as you have a liability to the state which you can easily see on your W-2 form, then this is essentially free money for the school.  You direct where these funds you owe the state in taxes are applied.  Many big companies’ pay roll departments can deduct out what you give from your paycheck or DMS can take out your payment in installments.  Barb Cunningham just had $10 debited every week.

Garden Update- Bobi Harshfield
Families built the first grade flowerbed  in front of the barn.   Second grade made straw bale beds and planted squash.  Third-Fifth Grades went on a scavenger hunt to identify vegetables.  Sixth grade made squash trellises.  Seventh & Eighth grades are selling produce on Friday at 2:30pm pick up time to raise funds for their trips.  Second & Third grades are planting wheat.  The field will all be broken into strips; welcome participants.  Need volunteers to help with the grades.  Please find out the specific time that your child’s grade works in the garden or you will need fingerprint clearance to work with a grade that your child is not in.  This is a very important time of the year to volunteer in the garden.  We can use all the help we can to get over the weeds from summer.   They have made a lot of progress though.  Look for featured video in the Bee of volunteers in the garden being interviewed.  Farmer Tony is in the garden Mon-Sat and all are welcome.

Animal Care-Seventh grade helps clean the barn once a month.

Upcoming events-
Lantern Walk on Nov. 16th.  This is a celebration of St. Martinmas.  Reverence ideally for younger children, but a classic favorite for many families.  It was discussed having Early Childhood parents  meet on patio, light candles, and hear story of St. Martinmas.  Start walk at 6:15pm from behind compost field to faculty parking lot.  (shorter than in past).  Then each grade will start 15 minutes after EC.  Have a community walk at 7pm.  Rest of community is welcome to do the walk.  There will be a small campfire.  Serving hot apple cider and singing.  Trying to involve all students; along the walk there will be students portraying images of St. Martin (from the story)and this will be done by 5th-12th grade volunteers.  Also students volunteering to play instruments and singing along the walk to help carry the song.
Main concern- This is a quiet more reverent celebration.  Very important that parents understand NO cell phones.  Quiet.  Encourage younger children (K-3rd) to leave immediately after the walk and to carry the singing and imagery home with them to sleep.  Parents with multiple children are asked to walk with their youngest.  This is for the children and very important that parents support it.  Strong push by some faculty to cut the walk off at 2nd grade, but trying to please everyone.  The design of the path is a lemniscate.

Teacher Training- Ms. Vicki Peterson
She participated in Art of the 3rd grade at Steiner College for a week.  Started Sunday and lasted 8am-8:45pm every day.  It was an encouraging and deep lecture that brought people from all over the country/world.  Studied handwork, Language Arts, and Math.  Some last all day and others go into the next.  They had master teachers come speak.  She is very appreciative of the opportunity to go and do the same work that the students are doing.  Some taught it as if you are the child to get the sense of tone to use.
Question- What is the financial commitment teachers are making to get their teacher training?
Answer-$5500 total cost for teacher training certificate.  Every time they travel to CA it costs $1000 between travel and living expenses.  She did three years of Foundation Studies and then did three years of teacher training; so it took her 6 years.  She still has practicum to finish – where you do certain assignments in a classroom.
You can audit the first year of the CLC (Community Learning Center) and it’s much less.  If you decide you want to pursue your teacher training you can pay the difference and have it count towards your teacher training certificate.
Ms. Peterson thanks us all for what we are doing to support our teachers.

Parent Education- Heather Armburst Anthroposophical Nurse and has an 8th & 11th grader
Heather is an anthroposophical nurse in training.  She started last year in May and it’s a five year program.   She is already a nurse and would like to offer her services to the community.  Will be offering a lecture series focusing on 7-14 yr olds and offering treatments they use.  She is on break until February 2013.  Saturday and Tuesday evenings are best days for her to hold these lectures.  Last year the Kindergarten teachers set up the lecture she gave on warmth.  Jill said an anthroposophical nurse gave them a notebook that she still refers to.  One method is integrated rhythmic massage that was introduced by Steiner and Dr. Ita Wegman. She cannot give treatments yet. She is offering her education to us for practical use and knowledge. The focus is on the entire child, working with physical, astral, and etheric bodies and treatments to use.  Will start her focus with 7-14 yr olds and next series will focus on 14-21 yr olds. Possible date would be for Saturday, December 8 afternoon.

Admin Report (continued by Charlie Burkam)
Just finished the audit.  State went through records, check attendance records to make sure it matches what we are reporting.  Residency paperwork was added this year; also looked at financial and whole aspect of state requirements for charter schools.
Last year still had high school in the building that is the school office where the audit was taking place.  So needless to say it was a bit chaotic, but this year we were ready for them. Making headway.
Advertised the position for a High School Coordinator/Administrator.
Lots of cleaning up going on.  Humble Hive is helping to beautify buildings; taped area around high school building is where they have planted grass seed.  Still planning the landscape for the HS, but trying to make some improvements now.
Charter Board gave the green light to pay funds to the “A” & “B” grade schools.  They are starting to review the applications from the “C” & “D” grade schools.  Still expect it to be ignored that we are not doing everything they want.
PARCC testing will be replacing AIMS.  Proposal to delay implementation by 3 years in AZ.  Would have to have computers for every child to do standardized testing.  Already resistance in general.  Many of these requirements have been put off for a year before implementing.  So we can deal with it later rather than sooner.

Winter Faire-Sami Rank
Sign up sheet on-line.   All classes have an assigned activity.  Have baskets/bins on front porch for donations starting Monday (11/5) and hope to have them all by 11/16.  We do not have anyone to run store.  Jennifer Lohan did it last year.  HS will begin participation now that the Halloween carnival is over.
Monday (11/19)  raffle tickets will be sent home.  Silent auction will be live right after Thanksgiving Mon-Fri (11/30) and will continue to Winter Faire.
Next Wed 11/7 @ 2pm-Winter Faire meeting.  Still need entertainment and food help.    We need to be more specific in the BEE  about our needs. Put on front page of BEE and make a flyer that lists needs.  Ask faculty to participate-Puppet show & Waldorf Curriculum Room already volunteering.

Closing Comments
Julie-Halloween Carnival was fantastic.  Dirt factor was an issue though.  Kudos to HS and volunteers for the Halloween carnival.   Lantern Walk needs donations of tea lights and more.  Will get back to us with more specifics.
HS is invited to PC (Parent Council) meetings; please extend invitation to those parents and families.
DMS school calendars and cards will be available soon that feature student artwork.
December 8th Heather Armburst was given the Eurythmy room to host her 7-14 yr old lecture on anthroposopical nursing.
Danielle Martinez is requesting a co-chair for Parent Council.
7th grade dinner theatre will be in EC area.  Limited seating-just enough for families of students.
Calendar Updates-weekend after Winter Faire-wool from sheep at DMS clean and card
11/7-Parent evening with Kim Snyder-Vine-speech formation artist working with all the grades and classes up to 10th grade (assisting with 10 grade play).  11/18-10th grade play on campus.  We are very lucky to have Kim here for a whole month.  Incredible depth of understanding and working with Waldorf curriculum.  Bio on website; linked to Parzival weekend.  Parzival w/e is a participatory event; acting out Parzival’s story.

Upcoming events:

Nov 2 Dia De Los Muertos Celebration     5 PM Nov 3, 10, 17, & 24 Saturday Work Day’s in the Garden 8 AM
Nov 3 Joan Treadaway in Prescott Mysteries of the Etheric body Nov 7 Parent Evening w/ Kim Synder-Vine            *Rescheduled Nov 13*
Nov 8 School Tour 8:45 AM Nov 10 Silk Dying Workshop 9 AM
Nov 10 7th grade Dinner Theatre 5:30 PM Nov 12 No School
Nov 16 Lantern Walk Nov 17 Parzival Weekend
Nov 21 Board Meeting 6 PM *Rescheduled Nov 14* Nov 21 Half Day
Nov 27 EC Parent Evening Nov 22 & 23 No School Thanksgiving Break
Dec 1 Winter Faire 10 AM to 3 PM Dec 6 Feed the Faculty Sunflowers and 8th grade

NEXT MEETING:December 6, 2012 7 PM Happy Thanksgiving! and As always THANK YOU!

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