Anthroposophical Nursing Support for the Etheric Body Incarnation

by admin on November 23, 2012

December 8, 2012 Lecture by Heather Armburst

Title of First Lecture in Series:  Parenting Support- for Children aged 7- 14 years- from an Anthroposophical Nursing Perspective

Lectures will cover:

  • review of young child and importance of warmth
  • discuss Etheric body and necessity of rythmn
  • series will extend to young adults ages 14-21

Last February I began a lecture series with the intent to continue to bring, to the parents and faculty of our Waldorf School, an Anthroposophical Nursing perspective in hopes that we could continue our journey through the developmental years of the child.

I would love to have the opportunity to share some of my learning experience through my Anthroposophical Nursing training and now the Medical side of Anthroposophy as I venture upon this new journey. Insights will be shared that I have learned as a Waldorf parent and Anthroposophical practitioner with the hope that parents will feel the warmth and support this form of education and complementary medicine provides. I feel this form of medicine and nursing practice nourishes the developing child while empowering parents to support their children through these integral incarnating milestones of development.

The lecture will begin with a review of the young child and the importance of warmth for the developing physical body that was offered last February. I will then discuss the Etheric body and the necessity for a rhythm to be established for the healthy incarnation of this body. The series will continue to extend to the young adult aged 14- 21 years and the Astral body incarnation.

I am in a constant learning stage with the information on these incarnations, but feel a strong passion to share the information I have learned thus far, as the healthy development of the child can have a direct impact on future developmental stages of the adult. It is a known fact that unhealthy incarnation of the Etheric body and Astral body is revisited at a later stage in the adult. These processes must be worked through and can appear in the form of dis-ease in later life.

We are now graduating our first Waldorf High School class and I feel the information is thus extremely important to share, as we embark on this ever- challenging role of new beginnings with the ups and downs involved with the growing process. I therefore feel it a personal mission to address these processes and extend support to the parents and teachers of our community by way of a sequential lecture series that addresses the healthy support of these incarnating bodies for our children and future young adult leaders.

I will begin this presentation on Saturday December 8th, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. in the Eurythmy room at our High School.  Thank- you for joining me in hopes of starting this new journey.

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