Garden Notes for December 7th

by admin on December 7, 2012

The on going theme of this part of the “Bee” has been about coming to the garden and participating in all it has to offer.  This small plot of land on our campus holds the life force to create a center or heart around which we can all be renewed and feed ourselves body, mind and spirit.  All the elements are coming together, fertility in the soil, the children planting seeds and learning the growing process and the joy of harvest.  It holds the promise of a community coming together to feed itself so we may all become healthy and happy.  Today, a harvest day, spoke to this promise as parents, children and volunteers came together to harvest this weeks bounty. Toward the end of our tasks we were paid a surprise visit from Bobi Harsfield and her son Dan Dan caring a small cage containing three small ducklings, born in our Pond area.  Every year our resident ducks have offspring, and every year, except this one (thanks to the loving care of Bobi and her family), they go by the way of natural attrition.  The kindness, care and desire to hold dear all we have to be thankful for, came together today, in our garden. This is not your ordinary school.  Come see what the garden has to offer you.

A reminder for the upcoming workshop (next Saturday, December 15th 10:30 AM to Noon) when you can learn how to keep all the produce you get from our garden fresh longer:

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