Agriculture Curriculum Update

by admin on December 7, 2012

This week in the Agriculture Curriculum we’ve been cooking up some fun, and eating it too!

Second grade collected rocks to help with erosion from the irrigation gate in their wheat field.  They collected so many rocks it took four students and Mrs. Harshfield to drag the cart to the fields.  The wheat is now a few inches tall and we are just so excited to watch it grow!

On Tuesday the Third Grade made Bread and Butter (from scratch) with Ms. Olesen.  We talked about what makes bread rise, different kinds of flours and why we knead bread.  Each student got the chance to mix and knead.  The butter was made by putting cream in a canning jar and shaking.  Each student got their own jar to shake and congratulations go to Riley for being the first to make butter!  On Thursday the Third Grade learned about pickling.  We talked about why we preserve things and the different types of preserving.  The students split up the chores of pickling:  getting water, harvesting dill from the garden, cutting up veggies.  Next Thursday our pickled vegetables will be ready.. some of us can’t wait to try them!  Thank you to the Gardners and Ms. O’Connell for all your help with Third Grade this week.

The Fourth Grade bailed alfalfa, harvest beans and weeded their bed.  They got to spend some time in the Chicken coop feeding the girls scraps from the garden.  Next week we will be harvesting a salad and making dressing from the things we find in the garden!  Thank you to Ms. Cunningham for your help with the Fourth Grade.

The Fifth Grade was treated to a cooking demonstration about chard.  The students harvested their chard, a young garlic and some lemons.. these ingredients plus a shallot, olive oil and a little salt and pepper became a tasty snack for the students.  Seconds were wanted by all!

In the Sixth Grade, due to the recent wild animal activity, the students inspected the chicken coop and yard area for areas that dogs could get in,  They broke into groups and planted spinach, cleaned the chicken coop, collected rocks for the erosion barriers in the large plot fields and removed the marking tapes in the wheat field.  As a treat they picked green and purple beans and ate them raw.. we even shared them with Mr. Tanner too.

The Seventh and Eighth grade continued the harvesting for and the running of the DMA market table.  They have even been spotted at the Downtown Market on Saturdays.  Many, many thank yous to Bonnie and Tammy for all their hard work and dedication on this project.

There is class Monday through Thursday in the Agriculture Curriculum.  If you are interested in working with your child’s class, please contact Meghan or Bobi.  We appreciate everyone’s love and support!

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