Garden Notes December 21th

by admin on December 21, 2012

The rains came this last week and washed our garden with a cleansing nutritive force.  We do not get it on a regular basis but when we do it is precious.  Besides the obvious benefit of a healthy dose of watering, rain brings plants nitrogen.  Ever notice how much more vibrant plants look after a rain storm?  Rain is nature’s way of feeding plants. Our garden is usually watered by drip irrigation and the water it receives has salt.  This salt can build up in the soil. When we get these lovely down pores, Mother Nature is helping out once again by leaching out any salt build up in the soil.  We live in the desert, but every once in awhile we do see rain, and it is a true God send!

For any or all of you out their who always want to know “What’s up with Biodynamic?”,  well your question can be answered in the up coming workshop, sponsored by Valley Permaculture Alliance, Introduction to Biodynamics coming up in January.  Check out this link:
Happy Holidays…see you in the garden next year!

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