Tax credits for 2013 tax year, it is never too early to start!

by admin on February 8, 2013

Take Steve Pawlo’s advice and start making your 2013 tax credit contribution payments this month!

“I do my tax credit a little bit every month throughout the entire year.  It’s so easy I forgot I’m doing it.  Then when the year’s over and I get my tax credit receipt I’m super excited.  I’m reminded I’ve done something great for DMS and I know I’m going to get all that money back soon.”  Steve Pawlo, DMS Maintenance Supervisor

If you’re someone who’s thought about doing the tax credit, but has a hard time writing one big check at the end of the year, Steve’s method is the way to go.  To set up monthly tax credit payments, just stop by the school office when you have an extra moment or two.  That’s all that time it takes!  For more information about how the tax credit program helps DMS, Tax Credit 2013 donation form.

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