Agriculture Education for Feb 8th

by admin on February 9, 2013

This week with the warmer weather the Ag Ed students got busy!

First grade read the book Jody’ Beans.  They looked at and compared the seeds from dry and fresh green beans.  They also went  out to their planted box to pull weeds and discovered seed pods on some of the flowers!  Then they took the weeds they pulled to the chickens for a special chicken treat!

Second grade ventured to the wheat field to observe the growth and pull the weeds starting to pop up!

Third grade prepped their bed for a new round of planting!  Pulling weeds and turning soil, in the next few weeks we will be starting our spring seeds… Stay tuned.

The fourth grade planted peas, beets and kale in their bed.  They also started their mounds in the agriculture fields for their three sisters (corn, beans and squash) garden that will be started this month.  Each student has their own mound that they will tend.  We are VERY excited about this!

Fifth grade worked on improving the window boxes and containers by their classroom door.  We planted succulent plants and ferns.  Over time we will use these plants to demonstrate how some plants reproduce without seeds.

The Sixth grade harvested lettuce and made dressing for a snack.  They also dug mallow from the alfalfa fields and recycled wood to be used as stakes in the fourth grade’s three sisters garden.  A planting calendar was stated to outline our planting dates with harvesting times.

The seventh and eighth grade continue to work hard on their individual class projects starting seedlings inside and working in the main garden.

For more information about the Agriculture Curriculum please contact Bobi Harshfield or Meghan Olesen.

Thank you to all our volunteers this week!  We absolutely could not do it without you!

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