Garden Notes March 22

by admin on March 22, 2013

Spring break was no break for Farmer Tony. He was in the garden every day and got a lot done. Read on to see what he got accomplished:

He tended daily, to three tomato plants, newly planted in the silver shad structure behind the Red Tool Shed, in a tall raised planter box. Come see them an ask Farmer Tony why he planted them there.

The path way now sports a line of the metal arch ways all lined up together on the East side of the Orchard:


Chip Silcox help plant all ten plus donated fruit trees into the new extend West portion of the orchard:


Fred Moll with his son helped break ground on the new addition to the Red Tool Shed. We are not quite finished, so if you would like to help in this construction project let Farmer Tony know ASAP at (480-249-6693)


Our garden hosted another hands on workshop sponsored by the Valley Permaculture Alliance (VPA) this one on Garden Bed Design. The folk who attend enjoyed the opportunity to get down and get dirty.


The CSA shares went out at the end of the week as usual, only with Farmer Tony doing most all of the harvesting, (Alas, too many of my dedicated helpers decided to leave town during the break).

Last but not least Farmer Tony put on his white bee outfit and became “Beekeeper Tony”. Our two hives are very happy and healthy. The management practices I set into motion after the loss of hives to wax moths two winters ago has paid off with two very strong and secure hives. We are now able to take the honey the bees did not need over this winter and treat ourselves to it. There will be small amounts of honey available for sale over the next several weeks. Come to the garden if you are interested.


Notes for the future: We will be having our Biannual Biodynamic 500 Stir Gathering on Sunday April, 14 at an hour before sunset. This is a great gathering for our Community, around the use of the Biodynamic Preparations, in healing the earth and supporting the growth of all the plants on the campus here at DMS. This is a Child friendly get-together so mark it now on your calendar right now. Come by the garden in the mean time and ask Farmer Tony any question you may have about this or gardening in general.

If you still do not get what “Biodynamic Gardening” is all about. Then you may want to check out the next VPA sponsored class by our very own Farmer Tony: “Introduction to Biodynamics” click on this site for more information and the when and where’s:

The garden is your garden. It is maintained and created for you and your children to enjoy, cherish and be apart of. This does not happen by one or two set of hands, but by many. Please consider taking an hour or two of you time to help out and make this very special part of your school, continue to flourish. Come Volunteer in the garden!

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