Sponsor a Eurythmy Dance Floor Panel

by admin on March 30, 2013

Eurythmy is an integral part of the Waldorf education. It is often referred to as “the spoon that stirs the pot” in that it supports students in their ability to fully integrate all aspects of what is offered in the curriculum. This wonderful and unique blend of performance art, therapeutic technique and pedagogical instrument deservers our full support and commitment.

Over the past year it became very clear that the floor used for Eurythmy is just as equally important as the space it is performed in. On Monday we will begin a new block of Eurythmy. Let us show our commitment to teaching Eurythmy by obtaining the proper dance floor for next year.

Our goal is to purchase a portable sprung dance floor that is 28 by 28 feet. This particular floor, selected after
research and through recommendations from a Eurythmy teacher, comes in 4 foot sections thus requiring a total of 49 panels. From this years’ budget we are able to allocate enough funds for 18 panels, and we hope, with your help to find sponsors for the remaining panels.

We already have a great start. On Sunday, at the Spring Brunch, over 9 panels were sponsored through multiple donations ranging from $20 to $320 for a total of $2920. Please stop at the display table at pickup to see a sample of the floor and sponsor a square foot or an entire panel. Forms are also available in the office. Desert Marigold School is a 501©(3) non-profit – Donations for the Dance floor may be tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for making this possible. Through your continued support we are able to ensure our faculty and staff can achieve the excellence they seek in all aspects of their work.

On behalf of The Board of Directors
Jimmy Wahbeh and Dora Lai

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