Fry’s Reloadable Card

by admin on April 5, 2013

Frys Reloadable Card

What is it?  A card you get from the DMS office that you can reload at customer service at Frys.  Use to shop for gift cards, groceries, gas and more.  And earn money toward school fees, your child’s class or the school (you get to decide how to allocate the rebate).

The more people who participate the more money we can earn for the school.

Great results from the first six months of the Fry’s reloadable gift card fundraiser!

Based on the selections and spending of the 31 families who participated in the Fry’s gift card fundraiser, DMS earned a total of $1,631.73….

·         $612.08 towards individual student’s fees
·         $268.01 towards the general fund
·         $751.64 towards class trips
Please remember that you can reload your Fry’s card at any Fry’s customer service or checkout.  Only cards purchased in the DMS office count towards the program.  Cards that sit dormant (are not used or reloaded) for 90 days “fall off” our list and no longer earn credit towards DMS.  Make sure you use your card regularly or purchase a new one in the school office.

Come buy your Fry’s reloadable gift card today!  Our top family earned $231.88 towards their children’s fees!


Early Childhood                                $  5.00
Grade One (Lovelady)                   $  0.31
Grade Two (Falconburg)               $ 35.13
Grade Three (Petersen)                $ 14.28
Grade Four (Piper)                          $ 13.06
Grade Six (Tanner)                          $ 51.50
Grade Seven (Natzke)                   $115.72
Grade Eight (Miller)                        $    6.63
Class of 2016                                      $  22.63
Class of 2014                                      $  87.51
Class of 2013                                      $399.87

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