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by admin on May 3, 2013

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Desert Marigold School

Inspired by Waldorf Education

We have had a few cases of head lice reported in the middle school.

Please check your children.

Head lice have become more and more of a problem over the last few years. The
number of children infested with head lice is increasing all across the country.
Control of head lice depends on prompt diagnosis and effective treatment. We
are asking you to check your child(ren) every day for the next fourteen days.

The following are procedures for inspecting your child for head lice:

1. Under bright light begin looking at the back of the head just above the
neck area.

2. Part the hair section by section and look closely for head lice or nits
(eggs). Eggs will usually be located near the scalp. They are tear drop in
shape and cling to the hair shaft. Some say the nits look like a small flax
seed, they can be creamy white, brown, or grey in color.

3. Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, it should take between
5 and 15 minutes to properly inspect a child’s head.

If you suspect your child is infested with head lice or you find any nits within 1”
of the scalp, please notify the school office. Children may not return to school
until they have been treated and are nit free. Any child who had a confirmed
incidence of lice must come to the office to be rechecked before returning to
class. In addition, you should check your entire family, and make sure friends
and carpool “mates” are inspected for head lice as well.

Washing bedding, clothing (especially hats), etc. is essential.

For information on how to treat head lice consult your family physician or a
local pharmacist. The school store sells TLC (Total Lice Control)and Lice
MD shampoos and essential oils (neem, rosemary, lavender..) that can work
as preventatives and we have a specific recipe available, if needed Other
locations that sell treatments can be found at
locations.html or

Desert Marigold School * 6210 South 28th Street * Phoenix, AZ 85042
Phone (602) 243-6909 * Fax (602) 243-6933

If you have access to the Internet, you can obtain information on controlling
head lice from the Arizona Department of Health Services website at: http://

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