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by admin on November 8, 2013

Amazon Affiliates Button Now Up and Running on the DMS Website

If you’re already a regular user of, you can now raise money for DMS every time you shop.  By adding just two clicks to your process, DMS can earn 4 – 8% on all qualifying purchases.  Here’s how:

Click #1: Go to

Click #2:  Find the amazon button located on the upper right hand corner of our homepage.

Now you’re shopping!  For more details about how the Amazon Affiliates program works and for tips on how to make sure your purchases benefit DMS, click here.

Details about the Amazon Affiliates Program
Of the various ‘scrip’ type programs DMS utilizes, the Amazon Affiliates program is particularly promising for at least 3 reasons:
  • the amount of money community members spend on is substantial;
  • the percentage Amazon offers is relatively generous;
  • adoption of the program is low friction – requiring only going to the DMS website,  then clicking the amazon link prior to shopping.
So how much money can we earn?
Amazon has certain categories that earn a fixed percentage (Notably, gift certificates earn DMS a fixed 6%).  For most general merchandise, the earnings are tiered based upon the number of purchases made per month.
Some finer points to understand about using the program:
  • Items must be added to your shopping cart AFTER clicking our button or affiliate link
  • Items that are already on one of your wishlists will not be counted
  • Items must be purchased within 24 hours of clicking through our button
  • We have learned through beta-testing that bookmarking the link doesn’t work reliably.  We may or may not get credit for those purchases, so please use the actual button on the DMS website rather than bookmarking the landing page on Amazon.
  • Gift certificates are a valid payment type.  We haven’t thoroughly tested this, but it appears that you can buy Amazon scrip from the office or buy an Amazon gift card online (through our link) AND later use these gift cards for purchases made through our link.  In other words DMS can potentially earn a percentage of the gift card purchase itself and later earn a percentage of items purchased with that same gift card.


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