Festivals are a fundamental element of Desert Marigold’s Waldorf program. The celebrate life and bring the community together in a richness of story, song, light, and food. The Greek meaning of the word festival is “shining day” and the Roman meaning is “fast,” which suggests holding firm to an idea. Each festival we celebrate conveys a mood, an attitude, and an experience uniquely suited to the season in which it occurs.

The cycle of festivals celebrated at DMS begins in early fall with Michaelmas on September 29th, honoring the abundance of harvest time and the courage to do right. In late fall there is Dia de Los Muertos (All Soul’s Day.) Then comes Martinmas – also known as the Lantern Walk festival – when we light candles and gather inner resources to face the dark and cold months of winter. Winter brings the Spiral Walk, where we celebrate the turning point in the year when the days become their shortest and the night its longest and we look for the light which come from within. Spring brings the May Day festival, with beautiful flowers and dancing.

A Festival Committee works with the Educational Council and faculty to help bring these and other important points in the year to life! Much preparatory work is done by teachers and students within the class and parent support is often sought as well.