The DMS Biodynamic Garden

The DMS three-acre biodynamic garden serves both the students and the community. Parents can work in the garden for the joy of it, but they can also fulfill the volunteer commitment expected from each family.

The surrounding community is always welcome to be a part of the garden effort as well. There are weekly family work evenings organized by class, as well as the monthly “Second Saturday” garden mornings. We also actively support (and are supported by) interns from the ASU School of Sustainability, who developed the current Garden webpages.

For more information about the garden, volunteering and internship possibilities, visit Our Garden.

The Garden as Teacher

Starting in early childhood, students are introduced to our garden; next they take part in the practice of gardening in a simple manner; they begin by planting, then working the soil and building compost, as well as benefiting and participating in the harvest.

By high school, the approach becomes more scientific through specific observations and investigations—all of which is strengthened by their prior experiences. Having this connection to the garden through their school years gives them insight into the essence of the plants and the need for responsibly caring for the earth over time.

While we are not a “farm school,” we have farm animals and bees as a part of our program—cared for by students and parents.

Future Intentions

At the present time, we are not able to offer a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box Program. We hope to be able to provide that in the future, as well as offering a Seed To Table program at DMS.