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Desert Marigold School’s Agricultural Apprenticeship

Desert Marigold School is a Waldorf inspired school (K-9). It is located on 10 acres of land at the foot of South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona. The center of the campus is a garden which provides produce for Farmers’ Markets, a Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) program, and countless hours of learning for the students of the school.

This apprenticeship will include participation in all aspects of the garden’s maintenance and productivity, including:

Compost Development
Soil Preparation, Cultivating & Weeding
Seed Propagation, Planting, and Saving
Watering & Irrigation (Drip and Native Methods)
Harvesting of Produce, Flowers & Herbs
Farmers’ Market Representation
Organization & Distribution of CSA Weekly Shares

The apprentice will work closely with Farmer Tony Robson who has dedicated the last ten years to Farmers’ Markets in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mr. Robson has a comprehensive background in commercial production of specialty produce and culinary herbs using Biodynamic and French Intensive methods as set forth by Rudolf Steiner and Alan Chadwick. Furthermore, Robson has personalized the principles of these mentors, realizing that the only food worth eating incorporates a cycle of connection and completion where nothing is wasted and everything is appreciated and loved.

Do not let this enchanted opportunity pass you by. Learn about the real meaning of nourishment. While this is a non paying apprenticeship the rewards gained in hands on work and the experience available is priceless to anyone who wishes to learn what the earth has to share.

The program is 6 months long, with a minimum commitment of 6 hours per week. Due to the nature of working at a school, all applicants must have a finger print clearance card prior to working around the children.

Contact Farmer Tony directly at: or (480) 249-6693.

Desert Marigold School
6210 S. 28th Street
Phoenix, AZ