Community Supported Agriculture

We all have a great challenge in today’s market place finding healthy fresh food for our families. Knowing where our food comes from and how it is grown is a daunting task. However the truth can bring about a realization that what is available at the supermarket is no longer the best choice for our loved one’s health. A solutions to this ongoing dilemma is at hand. Community Supported Agriculture or CSA is a dramatic way to have a direct connection with the food we eat. A CSA is your way to bring healthy live food, fresh from the source where it was grown, directly into your home. Once a week, for six weeks at a time, you receive your share of flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables directly from its source: Desert Marigold’s Biodynamic Garden.

The garden here at our school is grown not just organically but biodynamiclly. Several steps up from organic, biodynamic gardening incorporates principals that nurture and heal the land creating a harmony between the soil and cosmos. What this means to you is vibrantly alive produce with nutritional potential far greater than you can get commercially.

Your share in our CSA not only supports the health of your family it also makes it possible for our garden to exist. The funds generated from CSA go back into the garden helping to keep it growing. In this day and age there are few things we can do to truly feed ourselves and the community we live in at the same time. Community Supported Agriculture is one of them.

We are fortunate living in the desert to have an extended and varied growing season. Here our spring comes in early winter and our fall is at the hottest time of year. Seeding the garden for our spring starts in mid-September when the temperatures begin to drop below 100º. Our first crops are ready for harvest in November and December and the garden continues to produce well into the summer.

The CSA is setup for individuals to sign up first-come-first-serve, for four six week periods, during the growing season. During this time, weekly shares are picked up at our school at an assigned date and time. The shares reflect what the garden has to offer at that time in the season. In sighing up for CSA you are sharing in both the times of bounty and the times when nature may have its way.

For more information and start dates check this page or contact Farmer Tony by email at (use “CSA” in subject heading).