The Garden

A Tour of the Garden

DMS Biodynamic Garden

Farmer Tony at the MarketIn the heart of Desert Marigold School lies our biodynamic garden. Under the watchful eye and dedicated efforts of Farmer Tony, it has evolved from a concept to a fully functioning flower, herb, and vegetable garden. Over thirty beds take on a shape that looks from overhead like a Yin Yang flow form.

This 11,000 square foot plot of land has the potential to nourish all the children and families of our community through our developing “Seed to Table” program. It embraces ongoing visits by the children who work and learn in the garden. The garden supplies produce to our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and the weekly “After School Farmers Market”. Our biodynamic produce also finds its way the downtown Downtown Phoenix Public Market throughout the school year.

Drones and Queen beeWe strive to follow the principles of Rudolf Steiner and create a harmonious connection between the earth and the cosmos to achieve a balance that supports all life in and around the garden. The garden would not be complete if its blossoms were not visited by our bees or its soil not fed by the offering of our animals. The fundamental and foremost link to bringing together all the forces to achieve this equilibrium is the compost program at Desert Marigold School.

Off to make soup!Our garden has attracted many who wish to learn its secrets at a deeper level and these individuals are able to do so through our Apprenticeship Program. One of our apprentices, a student in ASU’s School of Sustainability, featured our garden in her thesis project in sustainability. In a time when it is difficult to be sure where and how our food is grown, we need to bring back the fundamentals which support healthy and wholesome growth and to make positive connections in our life through nature.

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