Early Childhood

Early Childhood and Kindergarten programs nurture and protect childhood in a beautiful, warm, home-like setting. Reflecting a deep belief that children’s natural creative play contains the cornerstones of academic ability, the rhythm of the school day flows between lively outside play and inside artistic and practical activities. In the first seven years, the child seeks to see that the world is a place of goodness.

These early years are a period of joy and exuberance during which the child will absorb and imitate everything he or she sees. Waldorf schools build a foundation for learning by honoring childhood as a valuable time in the individual’s life and teaches in the spirit of gentleness and compassion.

Charter Kindergarten – entry by lottery
(5 half-days;  minimum of 5 years old before September 1 of the year of entry)

Children come together and enjoy songs, stories, puppetry, gardening, baking, nature walks, painting and caring for farm animals. Children also begin knitting, sewing and doing workbench activities (hammering, measuring and sawing). The program uses auditory activities, visual discrimination and organizing of time and space to prepare for 1st grade readiness.

Private Mixed-age Kindergarten and Pre-school Groups
(5 half-days;  minimum of 3 years old by fall of year of entry)
(Pre-School has 2-day and 3-day options for younger children)

Children come together in a class that has a rhythm and includes songs, stories, puppetry, gardening, baking, nature walks, painting and caring for farm animals.

We are a DES authorized site; please attend one of our campus tours for more information about the preschool program and to obtain a registration package.

Parent Child Classes are currently not available.


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