Parents can provide nothing more valuable than an education which develops their child’s full potential. Waldorf education emphasizes disciplined creativity, wonder, and respect for nature and human existence together with a comprehensive academic, artistic and physical education program. The program is presented in a supportive, structured and non-competitive environment and is meant to help parents develop a child who will be balanced in feeling, initiative and clarity in thought. We aim to strengthen the child to meet not only the challenges of school, but also those of life.

Waldorf is a holistic education model designed to allow each child’s capacities to unfold. One of the unique aspects of the program is that the children proudly create their own carefully written and illustrated lesson books for each subject. These beautiful books are an important way in which art is integrated into the curriculum. In fact, in 1979, under the title of “Education as Art”, the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibited student work from the Rudolf Steiner School in New York.

Another unique aspect of Waldorf education is that the “class teacher” stays with the same class from 1st through 8th grade, and is responsible for the main lesson subjects. Specialty teachers present other classes such as the arts/music, foreign language, handwork and physical education.

Outline of Waldorf Curriculum for Grades 1-8