Fine Arts

In the Fine arts class, students will start to explore the more complex methods of using Charcoal, pastel, lead pencil and water color. Charcoal DrawingThe children will begin to take on more responsibility for their tasks and pull on skills they have been building for the last seven and Eight years. Children will come to understand foreground, middle ground and background in their paintings. As well as become aware of shading techniques to convey the feeling of depth and texture. Darkness and light coming out of the depth of their drawing or painting is something that the Middle school student wants to learn as they enter puberty. Vail painting is introduced, where colors are slowly layered onto the painting paper and a shape emerges through time.

Since the 7th grade is learning about the Renaissance in their Main lesson block, we learn about the great Renaissance Artists, Color Theory and their work. Apples We also build on Geometry skills that were introduced in 6th grade by drawing three dimensional shapes and using perspective.

The 8th grade dives into the industrial revolution and learns about the impressionists and realists. By the end of the 8th grade, students are able to show a fully developed eight years of Waldorf fine art skills and expertise.