First grade – Knitting, braiding, sun dying fleece
Second grade – Knitting, Purling, Crochet
Third grade – Crochet, Spinning, Weaving
Fourth grade – Cross stitch, sewing, wet felting
Fifth grade – Knitting in a round, Knitted pattern reading
Sixth grade – Sewing Animals, Table puppets, Silk Marionettes
Seventh grade – Needle Felting , wet felting, slipper making
Eighth grade – Sewing Machine, sewing Pattern design, Knitting-a-thon
Ninth grade – Spinning, Basket Weaving
Tenth grade – Loom Weaving
Eleventh grade – Batiking
Twelfth grade – Book Binding

Cutting FabricOver the years, Waldorf educators have observed that children are individuals with
amazing strengths in some areas and need for support in others. A child who struggles with spelling may be strong in handwork. Another child who draws well might struggle with math and so on. In the Handwork curriculum we focus on the learning center of the child in a way that supports their Thinking, Feeling and Will forces. The integration of these forces is critical as we work to help the child develop into a balanced human being.

Knitting and Intellectual Development – an article by Eugene Schwartz

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Girl KnittingFelt Shoes