It is said that music is the language of the soul. At Desert Marigold, we strive to bring the principals of music through direct experience. We begin in kindergarten and first grade with singing throughout the day, playing the lyre and fully immersing the child in a musical experience. Care is taken that the children hear pure tones that help to train their ear. Wooden HarpDuring the first grade year we begin playing the pentatonic flute, which will take us all the way into third grade. We then pick up the recorder and begin to learn basic music theory, including notation, along with singing folk songs and work songs, which provides an introduction to singing in rounds. In the fourth grade, we begin to play to violin while continuing the recorder and deepening our understanding of music theory. In fifth grade, we introduce the woodwinds and begin singing in parts during choir. This work is continued and deepened in sixth grade. In seventh and eighth grade, the pieces studied in orchestra and choir become more complex and the classes collaborate on a musical during the spring.