Día de Los Muertos

The “Day of the Dead” is a local festival that has a blend of Aztec and Christian traditions. It is the day in which we remember the loved ones who are no longer with us. In doing so, all accommodations are made so that when our loved ones come to visit, they feel comfortable and cherished. Their favorite foods are cooked, and all the things they loved in life are placed on a remembrance table.

The Day of the Dead is not a sad occasion. Unlike Halloween, with its scary symbols and monsters, the Day of the Dead is an opportunity to celebrate life and make fun of death. The calacas are smiley skeletons doing everyday activities.  Families get together and have picnics, play music and have a good time.

At DMS, a potluck picnic is organized by the Spanish teachers. They organize all sorts of art projects during the Spanish classes to decorate and enhance the festive atmosphere.

Día de Los Muertos Slide Presentation