Fees for the 2013/14 school year:

Private Program Fees:

Parent Child – Parents with children up through age 3

$500 per semester
          (5 monthly payments of $100)

Preschool – age 3 1/2

Application fee $50
Deposit $200
          (due upon enrollment confirmation – applies to total tuition)
Preschool tuition (5 days) $5805
          (9 monthly payments of $645)

Nap/Extended Care

$4.25 per hour on contract
Drop-ins $5.25 per hour
          (must call the office 24 hours in advance to confirm space)
Late Pick-up $1 per minute after 5pm

Charter Program:

K-12 Charter – ages 5 and up


There is no charge for tuition in the charter program. However, there is an annual fee to cover the cost for the school to purchase consumable materials and supplies a child will use during the year at each grade level, which otherwise would be supplied by the parent:

Annual Material fees
Kindergarten – 2nd grade $200.00
3rd grade – 6th grade $225.00
7th grade – 8th grade $300.00
High School $350.00

The above fees
do not cover activities such as field trip costs, which vary in amount per grade, increasing up through high school. They also do not cover special events and class trips, including the Pentathlon in 5th Grade, Medieval Games in 6th Grade, a 7th grade trip and the major class trips in  8th and 12th Grades. Fund raising efforts help reduce the amount of the parental contribution per student for class trips.

Note:  There will be additional charges billed to parents for replacement supplies (lost or damaged) and for the cost of repairs or replacement of school property damaged due to malicious or negligent actions of students. 

Fees subject to change annually. Scholarships available-contact the office.