Parent Council

The DMS Parent Council exists to support teachers and the school community as a whole. The monthly meeting is open to all parents. To get involved, contact them at or attend a meeting.

The Parent Council leadership team of parents, in collaboration with faculty and administration, shares responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Coordinating communication through class parents
  • Coordinating volunteer efforts for school events and fund raising
  • Supporting new families and providing “social warmth” at events
  • Providing a forum for information, consultation and feedback on matters affecting the school, such as parent education or policy issues.

The Parent Council also seeks to be a channel through which where parents can direct their ideas and skills, nurture their self-development, and constructively communicate any concerns.

The vitality of the Parent Council depends very much on there being a sufficient number of parents who are willing and able to contribute their energy and leadership to this very important work. Please join us!

The Bylaws and Procedures of the Parent Council are available for your reference in the front office.

Parent Council Meeting Minutes


August 2015 – Draft Meeting Minutes


 Parent Council Documents