Parent Council

The Parent Council is Desert Marigold’s parent organization and meets monthly to support teachers and the school as a whole. Primary responsibilities include:

  • coordinating class parents
  • supporting new families
  • coordinating volunteer efforts for school festivals and events
  • fund raising, including the Silent Auction and the Winter Faire.

The Parent Council also seeks to be a forum where parents can express their interests and support through their ideas and skills, where they can nurture their self-development, and where a supportive environment is provided to constructively communicate their concerns.  The Bylaws and Procedures of the Parent Council are available for your reference in the office.

The vitality of the Parent Council depends very much on there being a sufficient number of parents who are willing and able to contribute their energy and leadership to this very important work.

Parent Council Meeting Minutes


May 2014 – Supplemental Voting Meeting
May 2014 – Parent Council Meeting
March 2014 – Leadership Meeting
March 2014 – Council Meeting
February 2014
January 2014
December 2013
November 2013
October 2013
September 2013

 Parent Council Documents