Late Arrival and Early Release

Students arriving late disrupt the important rhythm at the start of the day. Recurring late arrival is a serious issue that affects academic achievement and the harmony of the classroom environment.

Late arrival:

EC through 8th Grade

If you arrive at school late (after 8:15 a.m.), students may not go directly to class. Park your car and walk with your child to the office for a late pass. A parent must sign the pass and state the reason for the tardy.

Parents may accompany students to the Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Parents may also accompany 1st and 2nd Grade students to the classroom, unless there is a sibling or carpool friend who can. To avoid disruption of morning verse or circle, knock on the door and wait until greeted–only students may enter the classroom.

Students in grades 3– 8 will walk to class on their own.

High School

If late, high school students receive late passes at the high school office.

If your child consistently arrives late, there will be a conference with your class teacher or high school sponsor and a representative of the administration to address the issue.

Early release procedures

If you have an emergency (or an unavoidable schedule conflict so that you must pick up your   early), please call ahead to notify the office. Students will not be released without an early release slip, so come to the office to get a form when you arrive.  A staff member or office volunteer will pick up the student from class and bring him or her back to the office.