Morning Drop-Off

Enter the main parking lot from 28th Street and either proceed to the drop off curb or go directly to park. If you park, ensure that all students stay on the pathways in parking grove.

Do not park in the drop-off area and leave your car unattended.

 Do not park or drop students on 28th Street or the faculty parking lot.

When leaving the parking grove and exiting onto 28th Street, note that there are two lanes, one for traffic turning left only and one for traffic turning right only.

Please drive slowly—5 mph on campus at all times!

 Early childhood and 1st Grade

If you have only 1st grade and younger students in your carpool, please park and then escort the children to their classrooms.  If you have a car with mixed ages, you may go through the drop-off to let out the older students, then park. Be sure that your early childhood student has made contact with his or her teacher before heading on your way.

As a part of the transition from kindergarten to the grades, 1st grade students have their own supervised area near their classroom. At the beginning of the school year, there is a brief initial period where parents may walk all the way to the play yard while students acclimate. After that initial period ends, parents may accompany their child as far as the sidewalk between the animal barn and kindergarten (near the large grey electrical transformer) and release them to walk on to their yard.  When students have gained in confidence, parents may choose to allow them to walk from the drop off area without accompanying them. It is important to let the class teacher know when you are thinking of making that change.

For Grades 2- 8

The children stay at the drop off area and the teachers lead them to the classroom for a strong start to the day – ready and on time for morning verse. This morning rhythm mirrors the afternoon pick-up.

High School

High School students walk unaccompanied to the high school courtyard from the drop off area.

The ringing of the first bell at 8:10 a.m. signifies that the school day has begun. If you are in the classroom areas, please head back toward the parking grove at this time.  It is unsettling for students lining up or entering their classrooms to encounter clusters of adult conversation just outside the door or window.