Support DMS

We seek to make our enhanced education available to all, without limitation. Accomplishing that requires an active partnership of teachers, families and the community since current levels of state resources are not adequate to support the full breadth of our programs.

There are many ways to help, and the first three below cost you nothing!

  1. Volunteer

DMS is a vibrant community with the garden, festivals and many events. These efforts can only be maintained if everyone does their share! Find your place to Volunteer.

  1. Participate in point of sale fundraisers that fit your lifestyle.

  1. Get an Arizona Education Tax Credit for Contributing to DMS.

Whether you are a parent or not, as long as you have Arizona income tax liability, you can make an Arizona Tax Credit Contribution to DMS. If you have already given, find friends and relatives who are not donating elsewhere and sign them up for DMS! You can make a donation as late as April 15th and claim it against the previous year’s taxes.

Because this is a tax credit, it literally costs you nothing to give hundreds of dollars to the school-up to $200 each year for an individual and $400 for a couple! Donate now.

  1. Give Generously

Contribute to DMS fund raising efforts to the best of your ability.   Donate now!