Spaces left in the private mixed-age early

childhood program and some in the charter K-12.



We offer the following programs:

Tuition-free Charter Programs: 

   Kindergarten through Grade 12

Students age 5 and up

Enrollment in the charter programs is based on a lottery governed by state law, but it is still is a free choice. It is important that you understand as much as possible who we are and what we do at DMS, so you can make an informed choice.


  Parent/Child Classes        Preschool       Nap & Extended Care

  children age 3 and younger          children 3 ½          ages 3 ½ and up
(Parent-Child classes currently suspended)                                                                               

Enrollment in the private programs is in the order of application.

DMS is more than a school:

It is a learning community where students,

teachers, staff and parents all learn from each other.

If you want to take an active part in your child’s education journey, if you want to contribute to the creation of community, if you want to be a life-longer learner yourself, if you are open to new ideas and want to strive for a better future for all, then Desert Marigold could be the place for you and your children.

Because of the extraordinary education we provide, we currently have waiting lists for most classes below high school. However, parents and students have found that it is worth the wait!

Step 1       Learn about Waldorf Education

Successful education of children occurs when there is a strong partnership between parents and teachers. As a charter school inspired by Waldorf education, we recommend that you do as much as you can to become familiar with our pedagogy and curriculum.

Step 2      Take an Enrollment Tour

Monthly tours provide an introduction to the school and an overview of the curriculum. They are an opportunity for you to bring your questions and learn about the expectations related to having your child at DMS.

Step 3         Apply

You may apply at the end of the tour, or later, by filling out a registration packet. State law requires us to admit students based on an annual lottery. But, with our waiting lists, that process requires a bit more explanation.

Step 4      Learn about the Mutual Commitment

If you wish to proceed after the tour, you will be invited to an orientation session in the evening or on a weekend where the community activities and commitments are explored in more detail.