Our developmentally sound, experiential approach brings educational experiences and content in an age-appropriate manner from pre-school through 12th grade. Based upon the pedagogical principles set forth by Rudolf Steiner, we seek excellence in every aspect of our work.

As a charter school inspired by Waldorf education, we recommend that you do as much as you can to become familiar with our pedagogy and curriculum. As a starting point, we recommend reading the following books:

1. Understanding Waldorf Education by: Jack Petrash

2. Waldorf Education, A Family Guide by: Pamela Johnson Fenner and Karen Rivers

As a public charter school, we meet the Common Core Standards. However, our rich and comprehensive curriculum goes well beyond academics. Social and moral questions are addressed. Practical work takes place to develop the will and a sense of responsibility. We participate in the required standardized testing, but see it as only one facet of assessing a student’s development. We find that our curriculum prepares children sufficiently without “teaching to the test.”

For an overview by grade level and subject areas, you can view the following:

Early Childhood
High School

Specialty Classes
Handwork & Woodwork
Speech and Drama
Movement & Games
Music & Fine Art
World Languages

Support Services and Remedial

We understand the developmental necessity of providing all the above elements, so that the combined effect stimulates the natural creativity and curiosity of each student.

Continue learning yourself!

There are regular parent education/adult learning opportunities available where you can learn more about the curriculum and deepen your understanding of the education your child is receiving. This can strengthen the partnership between yourself and your child’s teacher(s)–that is part of what makes DMS learning community where everyone grows.